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Waltz Ecstasy (High Roller Records 2015)


   Blasts the existence of being another representation names from the colder Northern Sweden parts to be exact is Trollhattan; which serving their powerful occultism religion themes of Heavy Metal music that blends the high-pitched vocals, progressive sounds and double drumming that make Trial the band consisting of Andreas Olsson (bass), Martin Svensson (drums), Alexander Ellstrom and Andreas Johnsson (guitars) as well as Linus Johansson (vocals) – releasing their third albums on Vessel. Magnificent superb slow-toned of Doom Metal Gothic as the Speed Power Metal covering the set as far as you can turning upside down when the explosive techniques blaring like dynamites or as the fell guilt holding tight on the Dio-like elements of awesomeness that everyone whom love Heavy Metal would instantly, liking these recording from our Swede Metal-heads. Forged through To New Ends, A Ruined World, Where Man Becomes All or Restless Blood sealed every heavy Metal’s battle with victory !