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Vines Ants Iggy (Castle Face Records 2013)

Consisting of Dylan Tidyman Jones, Greer McGetttrick, K. Dylan Edrich and Miles Luttrell; The Mallard seems to be sounded odd and passive where the harmony melodic of certain breathing lifer beats deeply drown under the thicker mixes of gloomy sad tempos and Shoegazing case of themed tracks leading the listeners to a total succumb theory only being known pretty well by the real depressive people. Through this lazy-bones album called Yes On Blood as the band’s second release so far – one shall finding the essential meaning over how to get even depressive by letting the songs like I Listen to The Lyrics last, Lying in The East, Mansion, You Got The Critics and Shallows as examples of how not only the animals and creatures on the front cover (but) also you too then, vomiting blood … 

The answer should be listening to them more or stop.  

Yes On Blood: