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VIII (Eilean Records 2015)

Aside of his other project like Jasper TX; people will know this pianist and composer from Goteborg, Sweden and this time through the thrilling session of intending follower music sound-tracking the drops of breezing rain in February Spring while the cold frozen windy from up North still haunting the inhabitants cities and the urban choreographic helps the musical productions revealing its natural moods touching the surrounding environmental bests. Expectations and absolute instrumental relaxing and floats out grin-tones remarkably builds those gentle soundscapes in minor melodic of the longing quiet aspects whilst the rest shall be personally, conceptualized by the helps from and for the Dancer named Jenny Larsson with the helping hands of many names supporting her and Dag Rosenqvist to releasing The Forest Diaries. An ethereal smaller universe made inside the imaginations of few men and women for themselves putting every single good things and mixed them onto thus mysterious potions of sound and music related so people will never can take them anymore only listening and be relieved as well. From track I until X (in Roman numeration) one shall then believed that sometimes; magic can be real and closer more than you think … 

The Forest Diaries: