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Veniceland (Bandcamp 2012)

Bergen of London – UK is good newcomer and powerful Dream-Pop duo or group depends on how you need to look at them by numbers or by quality but even with only four tracks as material for this recording extended play release here on this self-titled; Bergen who is actually – Nicola Galati and Alberto Bagarello really providing the soft-catchy tunes for anyone to liking them easily faster after listening to funny in romantic Pop tones songs because they’re not Italians anymore; they’re Indie Pop or Shoegaze artists from UK (now) and like Dancing in The Garden to another one off - Mirrors that would definitely be a greater single if Bergen decided to throw it to the music market as bait. 
Also the mountainous colors choice chosen there for the front cover adding thus miraculous reactions for liking the record – with such a flavored icy and full of cream in the eyes of children: yummy and tasty !