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Velvet Tongue (Jive Records 1988)


   Led by female front singer Leigh Matty with Craig Joiner on guitars and background vocals or Anthony Mitman blocking the back stage within his keyboards play which gripping the most breathing sounds for the band’s music and you need to pleased yourself to meet them – the British AOR mainstream band Romeo’s Daughter.

   As the eyes of all boys would feasting on the good-looking singer with her dark-haired, tall and sexy appearance; Leigh Matty seems to have her resemblance to Robin Beck in some ways – keeps her and the band’s New Wave plus Hard Rock sounds fused into this debut self-titled album that popularizing everyone whose listening to them which either would crazily dancing or just jumping higher in joy for thus tracks of greater beat sounds that rocks you out on Don’t Break My Heart, Wild Child (Heart cover), Hymn (Look Through Golden Eyes), Stay with me Tonight or Inside Out; craving more sensuality within New Wave taste of pleasures that you might wanted or dreaming of since a while longer or shorter times like these now.

Romeo's Daughter: