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Urine Crapture (20 Buck Spin 2008)

Being formed and consisting of these weird trio: Mouseferatu (bass, vocals), Anonymous (electronics) and Euronymouse (drums) as they’re build this sons of a gun type of chaotic measurements through the mixing of Industrial Doom Metal, Noise Rock and Sludge Metal from Providence, Rhode Island – one shall found out that The White Mice isn’t really an Alternative band like it used to filled your imaginations before. Screaming of distress blends with the crazy nuts attitudes and music making like the rest of the Southern Metal crew got tied up together and put into a blender by an invisible hand trying to make them extinct after the furor uprising cases several years ago as the South risen again. 
The recording release of Ganjahovahdose isn’t just about how a goat becomes a king with tricky simple plan to making it a fucking reality while the outpost secret based making a volcanic mountain erupts somewhere – forcing the villagers to refuge and moved to a better and safer place. Even the front artworks looking funny but actually, the inside materials of recording wasn’t positive to listen by conservative bigots cause Peeeugynicyst, The Ape Ca-Ca Lips, OntheRagggnorock to Placenta The Crotchtower would be blasting heavy riffs and piggy screams as this recording reminds you about how the first time you ever fall in love with Shock-Rockers like Rob Zombie, GWAR, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy to Marilyn Manson.