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Until I Die (Dirty Faces 2009)

   You might not known strange names like DieAnneBandana or Ellvis or even Tess Osten Torner in daily life but the relating information for these trio are that they’re becoming a form of Punk-Rock group based on unifications of both Malmo and Stockholm scene under the good chosen name of thus non-Sweden picks of Kamikatze.
Through the band’s second releasing for the debut full album recording – here’s the little bit bloody arts on Falling Down; crashing comes as it unleashed the faster beats and angry screams for issues relating shares via the semi-chaotic momentum for those songs anthem on No Dogs No Masters, Too Good for You, Should I Care ?, Killing Me, Reality, Never Fur Ever and In Your Face.   Designated as the band-members standing to make up their minds and concepts on the front cover – complete with the blood splatters and dead grown-up kittens, showing that the miserable lives might turning good kind people into a cold-blood killer as the changes appears like the attacks of paranoia creeping our bed at dawn – scared of the inferior images of the outsiders or strange other cultures threatening our daily point of views as that items ready to tap your world with riots for indifference. 

This Punk-Rock local alarming us about suicidal acts blown up the undercover conspiracy theories ! 

Falling Down: