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Unglued Elephant (Trance Syndicate Records 1993)


   These three rockers of Seattle’s Alternative Rock band Crunt might be something like side-project of Kat Bjelland (bass) from the infamous late Riotgrrrl Grunge group Babes In Toyland with Stuart Gray (guitars) of Salamander Jim/Lubricated Goat and drummer Russell Simins (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) releasing this experimental for the short-living bands effort – self-titled album that crunching their distorted sounds and musical blending on Hardcore/Punk/Grunge/Blues experiences through wreckage tempos and hilarious inflicting tracks like Swine, Black Heart, Unglued and Changing My Mind.
   Armored themselves with more underground afflictions for underground basic sounds and guitar licks that might given the listeners a very annoying senses while consuming thus distortions and pig-screaming variables via Crunt – both the band and the album release before it broke and died.

Crunt Album: