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Triple Threat (Shout! Factory 2006)

Recording live at Henry Fonda Theater in LA after several rehearsals and reuniting plan and stranded for about 100 miles away from civilization might giving the Psychedelic Prog-Rock band - Particle a very good live band show to their audience for the first time since the releasing of their debut album. 
Magic guitar solos, funky beats and Prog-Rock hysteria and thrilling tones really showed up here for us as the band themselves: Darren Pujalet (drums, vocals), Steve Moltz (keyboards, vocals), Scott Metzger and Ben Combe (guitars, vocals) and Eric Gould (bass, vocals) performing their ability like crazy which eroding the hearing senses within the long period of a mixture jamming session between keyboards and bass guitar or the electrifying tracks available on this recording – Transformation Live For The People as the band got helped by other artists such as Blackalicious, Joe Satriani, DJ Logic to Robby Krieger for snapping the tunes both originals and cover like E-Pro, W, L.A. Woman and Sun Mar 11 to Eye of The Storm. 

Let your muscles being stretched-out and all those troubles went far away while listening to this energetic in your face power-house delivering to you from the edge of their stage. 

Transformations Live for The People: