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The Valley (Bandcamp 2016)

Welcoming the world from Van Nuys, LA as these Californian Hard Rock group of Morgan Jones, Ryan Hagelman, Chris Woods and Nick Woods performing live and promoted their version of good rocking music made off the West Coast just like it used to be bi and famous by the late of eighties and mid-nineties era and through this recording of Good Intentions; He Monster (the band) coming to birth in music like a ragged doll with interesting looks. 

Only with five tracks available you would very much knowing more, better and adoring these Hard-rockers sounded skillful and serious for writing music as the power force driven the stereo through Swimming After Bed as well as Pale Criminal as melodies cranks and Stoner Rock equations positively, regaining thus spirits to carry on the living hell and shitty life for not giving up to try. 

Good Intentions: