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The Undercaste (Profound Lore Records 2010)

Specifies for the metallic talks on their Progressive Dark Metal music and Black Metal extremities through the more triggered professional recording sounds that defy intrusion between your magnificent and average acts off this San Francisco misty hallowed group of five naming themselves Ludicra and consisting with lead female singer Laurie Sue Shanaman, female guitarist Christy Cather, Aesop Dekker the drummer, Ross Sewage the bass player and guitarist John Cobbett writing their lyrics about hopelessness, despair, drugs, city life and as one might finally find the mysterious door leads to the other side as all your answers lie down there through Ludicra’s recording release on the band last album – The Tenant; nobody should denying the Black Metal evil force exploding high through this one and the vary results may occur unnoticed and unstable as the incarnations of the dark music released within these seven tracks of destruction via A Larger Silence, In Stable, Stagnant Pond or Clean White Void; barely – drowning anyone whose trying to touch the invisible watery surface surrounding the mysterious door on The Tenant. 

The Tenant: