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The Sentient Globulin (Sky Lantern Records 2016)

   Scent mesmerizing whispers out in haze for the extracting performance firmly dripped from the Psychedelic Rock group presenting Brisbane’s experimental Prog-Music scene bursts in off this third installments recording by Dreamtime’s Strange Pleasures is the ultimate new deliverance like-dreamscapes, Sci-fi fantasy and Space Rock projections between Doom and Psychedelic pleasure interests made by the quartet members of the band: Cat Maddin (bass, lead vocals, theremin), Tara Wardrop (drums, percussion, vocals), Fergus Smith (synth, guitars, shahi baaja, vocals) and Zac Anderson (guitar, lead vocals) creatively and distorted into Fuzz-tones, Trad-Rock, Retro style and vivid explorations through the fascinating jam-outfits, premier sound effects or euphoric paranoid nightmares all in one package. From the haunting Golden Altar to the seven minutes Luminous Knight or your magical mystic story about River Sprites as well as Ascension and Fire – must go on hailing the temporary compliments over audiences’ Eastern-tinged recaptures via the millennium’s gods rhythmic on the re-emerged of thus flower generations power of hallucinated views and imagination-landscapes.

Strange Pleasures: