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The Pursuit (Bandcamp 2016)

   A soundtrack music score over a newest gaming which predicted for topping the reign ruling of the previous Tetris game called Nightgate; as the structure planning over a living and breathing computer perhaps, in the nearly year of 2398 – after the great war with an intelligent network as the last remaining life-form on Planet Earth takes you to play a quite complicated but also simple gaming product which given its players a task of surviving and monotonous on non-enemy sightings at all – just for taking time to keep our brains tick in designable levels and hazard as far as 50 levels challenges as well as the atmosphere surrounding this artificial intelligence marked by the music scoring made by the minimalist style composer and musician named Semidome throught the sountrack recording entitled Nightgate as the most anticipated lesser-known tricks crawling over thus Electronic Retro of the 80’s within Soundscape made by mostly Synths, Vintage Video Wave and noises samplings that really giving this game a true brethren of life as it’s intelligent as well. Complex patterns or arrangements through path-finding and arena-survival advance or geometry small universe as it will expanding creates an environmental guidance for players to control their alignment lines or next moves carefully on nodes and more non-narrative to forming chains and completed your moves. And by the retrieving piano melodies to the non-commercial touches of harmony in background music; you will love to listening on A Sentient Being, No time to Die, Echo Chamber, The Signal, brought the news about the game Beyond Human and Gateways into our Last Memory before the great war.