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The Offer Rocket (Profane Existence 2005)

   Bursting the decimated Punk Rock healing anthems for peace, protests and sharing issues develops within the range of in or out Sweden; Imperial Leather given their Rock N’ Roll attitudes with a rubber bubble Punkers taste of peace through each and every members connections to their performance with the stage names of Amyl Nitrate and Dny Rotten on vocals, PDR and Sky Saxxon on guitars to Joni Macaroni on bass guitars and Kenko The Knife on drums for the first impressions of their full studio album Something Out of Nothing cracking the finale standard fast tempos for Destined for The Warehouse, Mint Condition, Hell is Other People, Pets in Heat and Unsound Opportunities that would reminding us about the glory days of seventies Punk-Rock or the angry youth female movements that shall leaving you boys with more Bruises and Bitemarks. 

Something Out of Nothing: