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The Lonely Plan (Republic Records 2015)

Seventeen track-listed songs of Classic Pop soloist and manly studs type legalizing the place among thus legendary names like Sinatra or older age Elvis or Hank Williams of Pop-tunes or thus middle aging 60’s Chamber-Pop performances for the new millennium listeners – both young and oldies as the singer’s voice sounding so darn crisp with the softer tones music that would easily lullabying your grandparents or old-folks to the Oldie Love Songs Compilations’ Dreamy-Land while enjoying the real serious and little sarcastic taste from Seth MacFarlane’s creative song-book album: No One Ever Tells You. Yup, it’s the same Seth MacFarlane whose creating thus terrible adult-themed by sick jokes sarcasm television series Family Guy but right here, he’s lying his back against the brick wall as an only regular guy in dark blue suits completely with shiny shoes and a cigarette – waiting for someone to stop by and saying hello or perhaps, a girl, a lover within a date or an important appointment or maybe, just relaxing in reflections for the night. Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry, A Ship without A Sail, The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else), This Nearly was Mine and These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) would be a great choice for drinking wine or a candlelight dinner and spoiler to a birthday friend asking for presents. 

The jokes can be guess(ed) now is on those whom listening to the recording without knowing the man behind the microphone – singing his heart and feelings out and this time without any silly stupidity awkwardness !