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The Ground Of Being (Bandcamp 2009)

   Dedicated to the brother of one members from this Cape Town, South Africa’s Progressive and Avant-Garde music project naming Zarathustra as the recording title – Yugen based on the concept of non-linguistic framework which evolved within psycho-existential based on the influences of either Carl Jung, Buddha, Jan Smuts, The Alchemist and Nietzsche that the opening door for spoken words or lyrics kept the totality solid as the music moving on in a distorted bangs or slower tempos as technically, made very well to suits you – the fanatic fans of this type of Prog-Rock sections to exploring the experimental sounds attached to temporary performance from both Guy du Plessis on programming, guitars, synths, bass guitar and vocals or the lead guitarist Wayde Holland. Integral sounds on selective sessions creating thus deprived journey of empowered force build by compositions that carrying the elements of Classic Rock to Jazz to wider and internationally basic of music on this releasing and Yugen put its superb tracks to your pleasure of listening carefully via the seven minutes Dissolution and Mortificatio or Coniunctio Oppositorum which lasted for about six minutes longer as magnificent presentation from the South-land scene of this ex-white's African nation with their blessing Buddha tranquility.