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Terrible Hitter (Bandcamp 2016)

The quartet of Indie Rock formation out of Boston, Massachusetts composites of guitarist/vocalist Linnea Herzog, John Bragg on guitar/vocals, Hugh Beckett on bass guitar and drummer Nick Martinelle and naming their band – Powerslut for releasing The Second Coming record which already gains some attraction and temporary intentional points of interest towards anyone who got chance on listening them somewhere/anywhere. The Power-Pop and Jangle Rock with Indie Music influences which made your ears and hearts wanted to sing along with them as melodies and good lead vocals really giving this band a chance to grow even bigger with the approval tracks here recorded on Sad Waste of your 20’s, Girl Crush, Leopard Print Butt Plug as well as the ballad of My Mission to Ex Husband. 

The emerging of quite fresh and fulfilling harmony captured on this album … 

The Second Coming: