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Teenage Screamers (Escapi Music 2005)

   Long-haired quartet not surprisingly the one whose hearing them playing or the musical products aren’t thus regular Brit-Pop or Indie Rock but for Tokyo Dragons; the new group formed in London, UK – their music is pure Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal with the good taste of Hair Rock or Pop Metal for it essentially would spicing your life up through their recording album debut of Give Me The Fear which made constantly by the band members: Ade Easily, Phil Martini, Mathias Stady, Mal Bruk to Steve Lomax not for the reminder of fictionally "Steel Dragons" by similarity but more than that this one is real.
Get yourself to stand up and raised your hands in big punchy fist and hail the Rock Music for its sacred melodic solos, standard fast tempos, drifting eye-sight because of too much smoking, beer slamming mosh or the sing-along anthem songs right here – right now within Do You Wanna ?, Get ‘Em Off, What The Hell, Johnny Don’t Wanna Ride and Come on Baby that sounding straight like a rocket blaster put on your super-charger four wheels as you hit the gas pedal deeper as well the AC/DC legacy riffs wrecking the air surrounds the place. 

Burn On and Rockin’ The Stew ! 

Give Me The Fear: