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Tantrum Lysergic (Grindcore Karaoke 2013)

   Please, don’t put your volume too fucking loud in case you need to taste a try for this Noisecore band from Copenhagen: Kusari Gama Kill because you and the rest of your family at home shall be affected or worst – being deaf after the terrific blasts happened just when the recording of the band’s sick compilation started to blow.

The duo of our Extreme Metal-heads Janus Blomfro and Martin Weile really didn’t care about the good ethics of making listenable music but they’re not the one to be blame but you – because you are becoming a freaking stupid wreck-dumb for trying to play this type of extremity noise of sonic sheers that dangerous for the effective humanoid to be affected via the disturbing and destructive sounds of the extreme music for the Deep Web only exists. 

Serving Science having the blending of devastations through experimental of noisy Industrial Grindcore like Issac Asimov, Class of Caffeine, Dethrone Lukashenko, Adele or Riots Not Diets. This is really far from what you might call good Groovy music. 

Serving Science: