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Tangent Tears (RCA Victor 1985)


   Being combines by the Pop-Rock group from America as the Progressive New Wave beats seems to dominating the verses chorus verses off the second recording album from Mr. Mister – the quartet whom consisted of Richard Page (lead vocals, bass), Pat Mastelotto (drums), Steve Farris (guitars) and Steve George (keyboards, vocals) functioning themselves over the produced on Welcome to The Real World; painting the modern world after the silhouette and the early morning respectively using Uniform of Youth, Don’t Slow Down, Run to Her, Kyrie and Broken Wings are all in consents in Black/White which is quite clever and proclaiming to be loved by more Rock fans and music lovers to admiring Mr. Mister.

Some Classic New Wave Rock tense to beats for your nostalgia days off the mid-eighties ...

Welcome to The Real World: