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Talking The Eye (Warner Bros. Records 1987)

Not like the most successful musicians like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the second place might filled by Peter Wolf whom already producing the most intensive Modern Pop music productions such as Starship, Kenny Loggins, Chicago to Heart but on this moniker works of solo project with his lovely wife – Ina Wolf; the duet trying to exploring more about the essential New Wave sounds and Dance beats through Vienna when releasing the album of Guess What ? 

More tracks for you as the audiences here – from: I Love Changes, Just A Little Girl, The Best Ones are Taken onto Kisses on The House or July; trains the crash-course over how to give pleasure over our body to rocking out following these simply synthesizer samples and beats ready to control your day with great music to listening a bit louder and invite people around you to smile and follows. 

Guess What: