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Sycamore Time (CosmicLeaf Records 2016)

Groovy instruments and melancholic music universe for the reality world of Brussels, Belgium’s rapper, singer and Hip-Hop producer TonyModi composing his own brilliant slow-starter and Lo-Fi or Down-tempo sounds throwing his undeniable mixtures of beautiful melodies and unearthly themes which also includes some Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop tribal influences and classic for the audiences ears to listen while suddenly, they’ve slowly drowning into sleep to elsewhere.

Through his third recording release here – Sitting Down The Woods; everyone whom enjoying these New Age/Jazzy /Freestyle fusion on tracks like Chosen Loneliness, A Thousand Wishes feat. Lola onto Drawing Shades and Night Shelter might unnoticed their lucks by finding an actual Peaceful In Woods using electronics and Funk/Soul attachments smartly.

Sitting Down in Woods: