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Sudden Plague (The Path Less Traveled Records 2013)

   Sober displays and newer acts over Miami, Florida’s Extreme Sludge/Hardcore/Doom Metal female existence comes within these trio of Shroud Eater that consisting of two girls and one guy in common sense to giving their best order showing the audiences about how pissed and angry their inside consciousness really are through out the mystic occultist mini album record – Dead Ends.
   The tattooed (Extreme Metal version of L7 in comparison) members of the band: Jean Saiz (vocals, guitars), Janette Valentine (bass, vocals) and Felipe Torres (drums) absolutely didn’t touching any of thus commercial aspects while writing their songs and lyrics as you can finding them yourself to be thrown as abandons lies the heavily insanity slower tempos with riffs like volcanic eruptions and molten lava sounds that kills in short moments as whom may concern that you will definitely digging these solid three piece metallic session made of harsh-bringer and kept them rest for liking the essential occult-effects carried out through Lord of The Sword, Tempest to The Star and The Serpent. 

... We Hail You our loudest silence distortions !

Dead Ends: