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Stowaway Resurrection (F.D.A Rekotz 2014)


   Mike Schubert (bass), Kevin Kleinschmidt (drums), Sebastian Gorlach and Martin Ortlepp (guitars) and Lars Dotzauer (vocals, lyrics) are the motor-force for the movements to their depressive Doom Metal/Death Metal group from Erfurt, Thuringia area denouncing most of the kindness in normal living beings but embraces sadness and mortality as the extreme enough sounds burst slow, heavy and melodic within thus growler vocals and ethereal atmosphere possible by the releasing debut record you might encounter one day on A Discouraged Believer.

   Darker and average standard tempo wrapped with those awesome mystical guitar licks and harmony best to bring these tracks of Decembre Noir mighty doomster’s lament together attached or solid on Thorns, The Forsaken Earth and other post-apocalyptic themes in double-pedals delighted to written for the band’s repertoir. 

For most metal-heads in loving with Peter Steele or Emperor might easily admirer or loving this effort in blood. 

A Discouraged Believer: