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Steeples Henhouse (The Weinstein Company 2016)

   Reality is not just like a ride on a bus while someone might having his unfortunated living turns like the a high-tide that comes in and go; happening with Ray Croc the traveling salesman of milkshake maker brand machine across the country in the mid-fifties; simple comfortable life did making him craving for more as ideas appearing with he daily story about crappy stop-by drive-in diners within the infamous miles and hours through route 66 brought him to San Bernardino, CA meeting the brothers of Dick and Maurice McDonalds serving everyone with their high-quality, fast service and family focused with new disposable package for their easy but juicy products like burgers, French-fries and milkshakes. Opening Ray’s head to make an agreement with these two hard-working and creative concept-maker brothers to put him on the ownership as the widespread franchised ideas are envision on the salesman’s head. The poor dreams realized a fresh new revolutionary concepts as Ray managed to closing the contract as partners – opening his soon growing into an empire franchises of McDonald’s restaurants on several cities that he could reaches so far as the middle class people begin to liking the menus and got opportunity to investing their money on the chain-market restaurants fearing the original McDonalds brothers whom soon being pushed aside and cannot fighting the bigger and growing power of the real capitalism domino-effects led by their original partnership Mr. Croc as he abandoned his trusted wife Ethel to grab the interest of his new Minneapolis-friend Rollie’s wife Joan. As we all can retracing about the history of one incredible story behind the giant name merchandising of McDonald’s through The Founder; pinpointing the actual, factual, and annual plots of the up and downs and betrayal and success story behind some figures as they’re playing roles for the insignificant progress of MacDonald’s movements since before and since then. Directed by John Lee Hancock whose probably, did his excellent filming with great vast sceneries to brilliant showing of the captured hard-working ethics and further visionary of a man with ambitions reaching the goals that more the less; already became the back-boned of America’s booming develops of its economy facing the modern age and golden shining symbol to invading many places worldwide. Carter Burwell retailing the soundtrack completely – letting us come along the journey with Ray Croc crossing the states entirely within the instrumental music compositions and great strings arrangements on Persistence, First Taste, The Creation of The Burger, The Arches to Mister Tap Toe (Doris Day with Paul Weston & His Orchestra and The Norman Luboff Choir) as well as I’m Not Like I Used to be (The DixiesAires) or Music for a Found Harmonium (Pinguin CafĂ© Orchestra) and The Ramblers’ Fifty-Fifty Love serving classics retro.A total thirty-two numbers of tracks listed for The Founder as the good movie should really be on your watch.