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Stand Last Outro (Bandcamp 2017)

Heavily influenced by the late seventies Psychedelic powerful Rock and mystic-tinged of Eastern melodies and afflictions that given these five-piece band from Kuopio, Finland’s Thermate; their distinctive functional inspired Stoner Rock to Desert Fuzz sounds and Bluesy Rock and never wrongly cemented them into the band’s own music. Great vocals and riffs like collaborating stone-hammer swings to crushed as well as standard tempos and the rhythmic beat-lines written awesomely by the band and recorded on their e.p album of Black Desert Highway. 

Magic jamming and progressive rocking structures comes along the way for your ears to hear them and your heart-beats letting the heads to banging follows the intensive straight forward sounds from Thermate’s backyard nude females cover artworks and beyond. Spacing and hypnotics slowly through the druggy tracks like Pipe Dream and Bullets to Feed – giving the opening gate on the magical mirror to carry you and the rest of the fellowships getting through this realm entering the next life – without regrets for following the heavy sounds rhythms. 

Black Desert Highway: