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St. Bart’s Wolf (Dropping Records 2009)

The impromptu busk performance within the group’s honest and soaring sore lyrics about denial, betrayal among others themed scholars of a heart-break from Space Ghost Cowboys as they’re hits the road and the harder places within their Folk, Rock n’ Roll, Punk and Indie-Pop self-written lyrics by the music as the band themselves established as 3 piece of Rock musicians with Country/Punk sensibility from Pleasantville, NY seemingly would never-ending for this time. The Sad Album simply erasing all the happiness as the band moving their talents of song-writing and the musical composing with words to spread or shares is mentioning about the leaving girlfriends, wearing the smooth pain inside-out as the soft-distortions and lazy off sleeping chants on Graveyard Bed might coloring your depressing self and sleep away following these many tracks – amazingly performs very very slow in motion. Blue background album with Orange’s sweet supplies while listening to Jesus Lost His Head, Bloodsucker, Graveyard Bed, Pet Dog and many more – with trumpets or traditional structures making the short movie where a girl staring at her snoring boyfriend symbolizing about how vulnerable exactly we are. 

The Sad Album: