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Spooky Hurt (Epic 1994)

It’s pretty much a shame that you perhaps, crossing your way in searching for good Alternative Rock groups on the nineties and found The Grays album – Ro Sham Bo where actually; recorded, written and composed by the founders of the band project: Jon Brion, Jason Falkner, Dan McCarroll and Buddy Judge as their side-show interest because some of them  already known as good musicians and producers but The Grays should be lived long enough with more than one releasing debut album only. 

Time has changed and there’s nothing you can do to stop the group from disbanded but within this awesome Indie-Pop Rock record one shall ultimately, finding some of the foursome greatest works heavily influenced by The Beatles and Psychedelic Pop like the hit single Very Best Years, Same Thing, Everybody’s World as well as Friend of Mine or Nothing Between. 

Perfectly, capturing melodic and soothing tones ! 

Ro Sham Bo: