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Space Viking (Bandcamp 2015)

Powerful like Anthony Kiedis on heroin addictions performing the latest efforts project with the likes of The Meters or Medeski with Jimmy Page or how about a cryogenic brain of Hendrix being implants to Parliament Funkadelic would describing this Boston, MA group – Zod that correctly combining the instant materials of Cosmic Rock, Funk, Jazz to Dance Alternative pub-rising sounds into their brand new merchandise independently and energetic via this mini album of the self-titled extended play record also named Zod. 
Consisting of cybernetic retro-ultra and high technique musicians including Matt Zajac (drums) or guitarist /lead vocals Nick Sabet  as a four-piece band; Zod seems to be a transformation of an evil general turning fun who loves party-timing or sex-orgy after consuming too much mushrooms that causing hallucination, heavy delirium and strange imaginary as the consuming tracks like Boogie Sauce in seven minutes more to Moonman’s Caravan and Coming in Hot cementing the presence lifting up the miracle touches of Zod’s musical performance that can infecting people in general. 
As the blasts happened and the smokes clear, this progressive Punk and Roll qrapped by psychedelic music added more improvements with All in Time where some of thus tracks carrying their distant improvements like building a temporary wall of sounds where everyone can touching it and on the same time listening to it with a slower sexy dancing like crazy flower generation party held inside the Arsenio Hall shows. 

Funked Up !