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Sora Daybreak (Tokuma Japan Communications 2012)

   Calling themselves in Japanese as Iguzisuto Toreisu or to be exact – Exist+Trance (the band) is actually, one of thus Kei Metal music bands with visuals from Tokyo and consisting of Jyou, Mally, Miko, Naoto and Omi as mostly, writing their own distinctive music which considerable by the world-widely media as the combinations of Symphonic Goth-Metal with Alternative sounds, Melodic Metal or the next ingredients of J-Rock meets Pop culture for the reborn of an infamous new sounds rising from the land of the red sun as epical as the flight of the phoenix or sequencing Electro and Industrial sounds combinations re-emerging the total energy or neat solidify performance players for anyone whom loving J-Music and anime much would finding the virtual interests while listening to the band’s eight recordings – Virgin that carried the glamour effective sides brought by either Motley Crue or already been there cemented as parts of Japanese Rock music cultural themes forever. By which every tracks still wrote and singing in native language of their own as the lead singer female magnificent vocals for; Ginger, Honey or Wonderland to True, I Feel You and Kiss in The Dark might proving to you and more non-believers that Exist+Trance reality would certainly looking fast and furiously amazing in the year front and up-coming days ahead !