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Snow Paper Wine (Lockjaw Records 2010)

   Regarded as parts of Glasgow/Ayrshire’s Emo-Rock or Math-Pop band of quartet passions of Daren (drums/vocals), Mark (bass/vocals), David (vocals/guitars) to Chris (guitars/vocals) calling themselves – This Familiar Smile writing their own materials and recording them into an album of Ribbons, Regards and The More Machine as they’re celebrating life in daily common senses not just like birds on cages loving breath of urban town among bicycles and three colored balloons as the progressive sounds struck down your listening room with The Night Before The Morning After to There is No Comfort in Consolation as well as 9v Soldier an With These Two Hands I Swear I will end you based on thus influences from other US compatriots of this scene music like poetry from the modern day Shakespeare’s sarcastic version of MacBeth revenge. 
As UK’s lesser known and not originally supported sounds society kinds of music communities; Emo Rock might finding their new way of acceptance through the good relationships with Math-Pop in between garages or campuses’ main-halls.

Ribbons, Regards and The More Machine: