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Sixteenish Royalty (Crippling Doubt Records 2012)

Not an abhorrent jokes but the Vancouver, Canadians Power-Pop rockers within their blanket of Grunge/Indie/Alternative sounds that thicker influences or influenced as well by the likes on nineties last newcomers groups with more Pop melodies and quite commercial music to the gloomy bathing of romantic broken lyrics and story for the band – Woolworm in Believe in Ourselves. 
The quartet whose really sounding expertly creative and happy in their jangle music form which the type of those “False Metal” you need to find before you going back to the emotional studying over these guys – Alex Pomeroy, Felicity Foxx Herst, Giles Roy to Nick Tolliday among others; recording the self-written great materials offending the straight muscular and macho music to this girlie-tinged style but never fails to attracting more listeners and geek alliance for liking them more. 
Woolworm’s sound holding on to their best melodic six strings play as well as the standard issues for daily temptations among ordinary people as the exact pointing to those non-fortunate weirdos whose being ditched from the perfect school society communions and later on, built their own castles under the surface as they’re dwelling to hide and wait for the revenge time to comes !  

Your favorable chosen few from Believe in Ourselves album are supposed to be Two Awful Truths, Alamir Feeling, Cyclops Boy and Ginga Dreaming.    

Believe in Ourselves: