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Six Minutes Happy (Self-Released 2013)

   Maybe can be predicted as the next Taylor Swift or Amy Grant whose going to bring her essential Pop Country, Blues and Rn’B intentions to the higher national levels because one should know that Karoline Rhett from Charlestown, SC is a born raising-star and her talents already shown up to few attentions for public around her small town life to later on then – as she grows up and becoming more mature for reaching teenagers the music to her becoming the most important thing that she cannot resists to keep on doing besides living her life daily as a good American and Christian girl as possible which kind of reminding us a bit about the young/Disney version of Miley Cyrus storybook. Anyway, you might having no difficulties on listening to Karoline’s releasing for Stirring Rainbow which literary not only sending good messages for children or teenagers but also making her a new voice raised up to fight bullying in the national scale within her Teen Nation Tour as well as the debut album hitting the online stores. Simply Pop with some flavored Country Rock and Bluesy Rn’B could be quite interesting materials to listen via songs of kids freedom of making creations like Modern Girl, Big World, Karma’s on Devil’s Playground and some musical covers of Classic Rock hits like Black Velvet (Alannah Myles) which sounding absolutely fabulous just like she did The Go Go’s covering song also for Stirring Rainbow; painting this girl’s choices and fortunes to be better success on her small stepping music career need to be watched … 

Stirring Rainbows: