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Sivullinen Sinua Vaan (Warner Music Finland 2013)

Former TV Popstar and decided to do her own solo career in Pop Music after the disbanded of her previous group that wished upon misfortunes – seeing Jenni Mari Vartiainen delivering the solo project successfully with several good records including the latest (still) in Finnish lyrics within thus Synth-Pop and Traditional Folk sounds available for the ears whose understands the language or don’t – doesn’t matter because Terra the album is actually, made for everyone universally wider as the music comes in modern eclectic ways combines the romance and story about life itself and relationships to the sided nature of the Northern Hemisphere climates at any conditions. Sexy and comforts to our ears are these Junat Ja Naiset (Trains and Women), Muistan Kirkkauden (I Remember The Brightness), Selvasti Paihtynyt (Clearly Intoxicated) to the wiser theme on Suru On Kunniavieras (Grief is a Guest of Honour); like a sound for celebrating the best and the worst parts of your living the world and feelings of temporary which got to move on and well-preserved in order to reaching out for the light before the end of the tunnel. Jenni Vartiainen has brought her talents to the perfect spot, proclaiming her own musical interest and might prolong the journey for her opening wide in the front gate of future after this greatness recording release.