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Sisoltinn (Season Of Mist Underground Activities 2011)

Influenced and infected by the legendary names off the Northern traditional Folklore and heritage such as The God Loki, Aasgard to the Black Metal gods like Bathory to Burzum; this one man Black Metal project from Mora, Sweden – Arckanum as describes to be not actually, one man band later on with names intact and involves on it such as Loke Svarteld, Martin Matsson to Johan “Shamaatae” Lahger himself as his anti-cosmic, chaos-gnostic ideology to Pan and Satanism beliefs might strictly becoming the main offender themed written and releases of anger, pain and hatred all in one big bowl of aggressive raw music to performs and produced under the moniker name mysteriously – destructive. Along the Helvitismyrkr with Shamaatae performing all instruments and screaming growler vocals one shall profound the inner rejected amounts of hellish submissions or tales according to thus folklore and beliefs of the real Pagan background history of the North-territory provides for hundred of decades before now. The blackest darkness serving brutality and anti-modern worldwide project served by noisy blasts of metallic servitude did well through Or Djupum, Svartr Ok Bursligr to Nifldreki, In Svarta and Myrkrin Vinna Hefnt with all other tracks bursting through out the amplifiers for about forty-eight minutes and fourty-six seconds top, proclaiming the comeback of the dark effects onto you if you are the real Extreme Metal-heads trying to re-open the invisible gate for evil to getting through and reign his rules.