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Sheik Iddup (AOR/Metal Heaven 2009)

Slapping your listening room with their fine tuned of melodic rocking choruses and flavored of Classic Hard Rock or Hair Metal of the late nineties would be an ultimate weaponry armed for these Swedish’s newer sensation of its manifest influences over thus type musical genre scene seeing through the successful released of Grand Design’s Time Elevation debut album. 
The Vesteras’ local group consisting of Magnus (drums), Matte (bass guitar), Dennis and Janne (guitars heroes) and Pelle on lead vocals truly screwing your ears with their elegant power of what should be calling a Pop-Metal power that twitching the great licks and riffs catchy refrains and awesome solid harmony back-up vocals as chained gangs style in not just as an introduction but the real thing on your damn stereo. 
   Go fascinating yourself by playing tracks like Love Sensation or Slugged Out to Piece of The Action and Sad Sound of Goodbye that would blending the harder parts and the ballad sides all in one package of brilliant recording first attempt from Grand Design. 

For the fans of Steelheart, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi’s glamour Pop-Rock/Metal sensations arena. 

Time Elevation: