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Sex I’m A … (M.A.O / Enigma Records 1982)

The New Wave/Hi-NRG and Synth-Pop group from Orange County. CA whose well-known worldwide and forever putting themselves onto the lists of forever love hits compilations later but there’s a time for Terri Nunn the lead vocalist, Chris Ruiz-Velasco (guitars), David Diamond (synthesizer), John Crawford (bass) and Daniel Van Patten (drums, electronic percussion) of Berlin facing the early days where they’re still modest as the essential band with integrity for not being too damn selling out and for your proof – there’s Pleasure Victim which displays the more flawless sounds with colder beats and Goth-influences mixed within the new Wave passport to entering the listed band names to watch during the early eighties. The power of keyboards or synthesizers really get their grip on most of every single levels or tones as the mechanical music form calculated for ruling the world of Pop those days; presenting the parade of monotonous but sensual concepts of songs that riding the sunful fun times and silly dancing to the freaky make-up backing by the music from Masquerade, The Metro, Torture to World of Smiles. 

Kiss … 

Pleasure Victim: