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Serida Field Santa Fe (Not On Label 2014)

Quiles and Cloud might spreading an imaginative idea about an Electronic group of music composers onto your head while the truth is this is a Folk-Country-Pop duet from San Francisco known as the real figures of themselves as Marie Quiles and Rory Cloud creatively, composing and writing their own materials to be recorded into an almost perfect and soft album project which marketing as Seminole Star. As the darker figure-like the angel of death or other worldy being is staring at you on the front cover; the greater sophomore and mellow music luminescence atmosphere remarkably went on and on as the collaborating tones played by acoustic guitars or strings arrangements must be an attractive sight to listening and soulfully, embraced within our open hands; as the recreating moments of honesty and darkest sky aren’t supposed to be parted in ways but exclusively – attaching one to another for expressing the deeper emotions under the managing performance toward Seminole Star’s track-listing on barefooted format here as the songs and melodies knitting together through Fool to Run, Julie I’m Alive, Empty Handed to Wide River to Cross and All My Trouble Gone as the opener marking some of thus greatest moment that you will embrace for this frontier recording of Folk-Pop presentations to the public world-widely … 

Seminole Star: