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Screwed Mess Brothers (Bandcamp 2015)

   Looks like Autumn comes too early this year after one discovers the complete Depressive Gloomy Doom Rock ultimate anchor for Oblivious music on their recording release in Out of Wilderness as the frog-stomping out its dirty swamps and background-ing by thus yellow dried-out leaves fell from their branches as the loud distorted music riffing in blare and the retro Classic Rock vocals electrifying the surroundings in celebration of the thicker likes on The Eagles meets Led Zeppelin meets Ozzy Osbourne meets lower-ends of Stoner Metal campaign through this album. One will offered themselves to continue on listening for more bursting tracks of Doomy Rock mode-alerts by the conquering tracks of Dirty Hand, For Who Do You Burn, Shore to Shore or Riding Down – everything led the distortions melodic rocking temptations for Sweden-parts scenery which cannot anymore tolerable not to notice by the media and the Rock World today. 

It’s good to have more magical mystifying themes on the efforts programs on the surviving of real rock music survival.

Out of Wilderness: