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Scorpion Rampage (Bizarre Leprous Production 2007)

   Subversive sonic bombs of tons Grinding Core tracks like Scientific Morbidity, Swarming Plague, Extraterrestrical Infiltration to Nuclear Systemshock and Carnivorous Massextermination may coming like a hazardous menacing form made by one man project of the Gore-Grind off Frankfurt, Germany’s Marcus with then came along the recruits and joining force from some ex members of other sick bands around like Alf (Afterblast) or Andreas (Anal Whore) as this group Plasma moving on towards unrecognizable like a cheap B-rated of low budget Sci-fi film about terrifying monstrous creatures hunts for human flesh or destroying cities in a serious attacks alone or in swarming numbers via the scary album - Creeping! Crushing! Crawling! carried their Czech Republic society problems themed.

The best thing for being independent would be that you might do anything you like, as louder as you wanted to and hating almost everything for the total bursting chaos of this Grind-Core anti-mankind music !