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Sceptre God (Nuclear Blast 2017)

   As the comeback of our old Doomster hero since he left the days of sorrow and the devastation of his legendary band – Candlemass; Stockholm’s Leif Edling now disguising as The Doomfather with his new formation troops Andreas Johansson (drums), Marcus Jidell (guitars) and Niklas Stalvind (vocals) starting the next revelation of the Doomy Metal journey after the demise and now thankfully, we got The Doomsday Kingdom and their debut studio album release for as the Self-Titled. The perfect sounds of Classic Stockholm extreme and distinctive music and atmosphere caught tightly and essential via this works of artistic slower Doom Metal like the rest of lost tapes from Black Sabbath being remixed by a new children of paranoid and master reality occults group for the studio recording purpose. 
   The recaptures and re-viewing of everything went ashes on Candlemass may build slowly but well-preserved by Leif Edling and his gangs on The Doomsday Kingdom and witnessing the power riffage and beats blasting heavy and loud as the vocals really would be perfectly, called the standard for any modern Doom Metal band – not mentioning the influences from Ronnie Dio as well as one can catch the soloing tension made like legend’s sounds through these eight songs written under the state of depression or war like Hand of Hell, A Spoonful of Darkness to Silent Kingdom and Never Machine; attached like ancient roots to Ozzy and Iommi’s backyard magic tree of Heavy Metal and Doomster knowledge. 

Hail Them All !