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Samburu Flower (Hadra Records 2012)

As New Age Music struck the modern taste affectively, accepted by many people whose wanting more peaceful insignificant through reckless life for centuries which can be found through the softer-slower kinds of World Music and Traditional sounds combine as well like these French musicianship under their throne of Ethnic, Electronic and Folk-Indie Classic that surely, carries a non-violent and environmental-friendly movements to make peace with the planet and the rest of living things surrounds the body of a new human after finding their small light brighter enough to drove away the dark form inside the greedy hearts with these musical project like the one that being produced and release by Secret Vibes concentrating within its inner circle figures like Frank Ecalard, Jean-Jacques Lassere, Mylene Coubronne and Philippe Bouncer not surprising for their fans but for the newer listeners the music from them can be a little bit camouflaging as the soft-tones and low-key ambient turning suddenly to a more beatable Jungle Pop-Synth music just as they’re shown through the recording of Waterfalls – track number three Ellipse. You can easily stepping your feet onto the journey of a lifetime to thus misty place and tropical forest imaginations painted by music and sounds creation which sounding brilliant. Satin Celt or Cosmic Love and Lady Cassiopee shall leads you the way to the truth under the crystal clear water pond from behind the mystical place under the mountain magic might comes.