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Ruiner Soul V (Nuclear War Now ! Productions 2015)

Keep thus knives or any poisons from your open racks at home right before trying to play this Atmospheric Black Metal Psychedelica with heaviest slow tones and eerie scarring melodic which wrapped the depressive music influenced by Doomy Drone. 
The first number from Chaos Echoes’s extreme underground experiment towards liability lawless noises and blistering bass-line commanding anyone whom already begun to listening this record to later on commit suicide as these French quartet: Fabien W. Furter (guitar, effects, vocals), Stefan Thanneur (bass, effects, visual propaganda), Ilmar Uibo (lead vocals) and Kalevi Uibo (guitar, effects, vocals) decided to lighten up and blasting their mission attacks towards many Metal-heads to head-banging followed the crushing slower numbers from this Transient album as their latest in this new millennium burning kindness and morals deeper down as sorrow impressions captured onto darken tracks like Advent of My Genesis, Kyorakushugi, Interzone IV: Intoxicating Beauty and Senses of Nonexistent. As the grey skies with black clouds coming upon your roof; just remember that you are always be alone when death approaching and take you away this evening …