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Romasanta (Independent 2015)

   Psychomachia would be the first baby step for this Katowice, Poland group whose playing their ways with fire as the decisions to create a solid Symphonic Rock band suddenly, becoming a reality as Dark Letter finding themselves in the middle of campaign for staying alive as you getting through the night while the ghostly skeleton hands keeps distracting your calmness as the standard music of e.p recording giving the members Michal Matusz (bass), Beata Golinska (vocals), Malgorzata Antosz-Konieczna (keyboards), Roman Antosz (guitars) and Arek Franozs (drums) trying to make the air thin by shutting down the artificial oxygen that still become a demanding rights just like Sleepy Hollow, Anneliese (the terror story) and Toy. 

Double vocals harmonization begins with Dark Letter shows.