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Rodnaya Strana (Soyuz Music 2016)

   Combining the Folk-Punk-Pop music with their rootsy traditional Russian Polka dance music –like really sounded weird but not a new thing anymore nowadays but in actual news after the world-wide boycotts and protesters for supporting to Russia’s all female Punk-rockers Pussy Riot incident; the publicity for the more blossoming Punk Rock revolts inside Mr. Vladimir Putin’s iron curtain or red bear cage – really develops freaking fast these past decades and getting healthy and smart each years. Meet the new names out of them all – Operastiya Plastilin the group consisting of mixed gender musicians loving Punk Rock and their heritage of traditional music as well just like the combining of Sid Vicious, The Clash and Blondie doing Modern Polka Rock on stage might be easily found on this band. Whether Anatoly Tsarev or Alexei Ruzamov and the rest of the crew from city of Tambov really riding their wave of Pop-Punk with Eastern Europe and Cyrilic alphabets didin’t matter as the blockade on language differences already being a past story borderline nowadays. Fun and smart to listen even when you didn’t speaking Russian; you still will loving to have these music makers from Rasputin country with nothing but non-inferior feelings and talking about global insecurity or friendships in hand-shakes.

PS. Track suggested - Shizgara, Leto, Goa and Krishna Spit.

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