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Rilke Family (Bridge Nine Records 2013)

   Not being too damn successful with his Hardcore/Punk-Rock band projects for almost over six years and kept non-recognizable; your singer and song-writer and musician – Derek Archambault now trying to holding to his cling-holder as a one-man solo acoustic Pop-Rock with emotional tastes project which called simply by himself as Alcoa that actually, didn’t sounding bad and strangely, did well whilst more people and grown up fan-based for liking what this guy did within it using Alcoa that recorded its greater release for Bone & Marrow which got helped by some additional players and musicians of friends and some other instrumentations played by Mr. Archambault himself and carrying us away in a slow-walks not for running from something but while listening to thus harmony melodic over six-strings standard tempos off Emo-coustic records that spawning awesome tracks which can easily telling you to sing them together and as the vocals of Derek sounding honest and plain but seemed to be not easily to forget especially, for the teenage girls loving how a good rocker can creating such an elegant cool image onto them to see and the almost-perfect album songs sprinkling wisdom on their lyrics about daily days and urban living as being told through Limbs, Drowned, Cab Rides and Cigarettes or Second Untitled to Lucky Me as well as Whiskey and Wine for the lonely only stepping alone while others mocking you as a weirdo or the society playing tricks on you – hatred prevails but in the end it’s maturity which saves the day by this … 

Bone & Marrow: