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Right-Way Blues (Kinki Records 2015)

   Like Jon Bon Jovi singing his lyrics and music in Basque is what The Northagirres would really sounded like with an addition of any Southern accents of Adriatic Sea coastal speaking people and the relaxing version of old Classic Pop-Rock from the ex-Eurythmics’ members in one package juat like the one that you will hear right inside this releasing of the band from Urretxu, Spain on their album that showing the effects of snowy weather bring colds and black ice of an empty road via Down The Highway. Whether you listening to Iker Alvarez (guitars, vocals), Borja Aramburu (bass, vocals), Ana Agirrebalzatige (piano), Inigo Agirrebalageti (guitars, vocals), Aitor Godoy (guitar) and Inaki Urizabal (drums) creating more rocking ensemble of Folk-pop and Hard Rock like Lo Siento Chaval or 38 Latigazos as well as the English titled tracks of Don’t Pull Me Down and Saturday Night. 

*Incluye letra y portada de Euskal.

Down The Highway: