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Repeat Nostraightanswer (Bandcamp 2014)

Listen to Addicted or The Tale of a 10 Year Old Vampire Queen for the opening introductions on your quest in finding this elegant Dance Electro recording exclusively made by this Western producer called DoofusP but later on changed his identity to Circus-P with some of the formerly excellent works collections of Chill-Out to Rave/Progressive House within the help of background vocals from names like Chii or Aido and ranked the fabulous recording for Vocaloid compilations. Also known as Matt9five; the recording highlighted here is Five – a modern Electronic collective works with Hatsune Miku Pop to Vocaloid basic elements over mostly, Electro-Dance and additionally helped on vocals by EmpathP and Jen with Shiva dealing with the illustration as you might enjoying the products such as the English remix version of INFecTioN or Synthesized Love (Miku version) to original works from Circus-P featuring Vocaloid through Heartbeat and Goodbye. 

Eligible and remarkably intensive caring for those whom love the beats.