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Ravine Cabin (Varese Sarabande 2015)


   Retro teenage hallucination Slasher movie classic cult Scream Queen star Amanda and her daughter Max Cartwright arguing about that facts while their car then having an accident and killing Amanda as since then – Max kept the memory and angst and questions about why her life turning onto this fiasco just because her mom is a sexy blonde filmstar making the infamous Camp Bloodbath movie looks like the real mockery over Jason and his Camp Crystal of Friday The Thirteen sequences. The setting moved as the daily moment happens as usual but turning the present days back into the past where not only Max’s hot mom still alive and well as the entire horror movie crews including Max, Gertie, Chris or Duncan and Vicki but unfortunately also brought back the serial killer with machete from Camp Bloodbath: Billy Murphy coming for his revenge and started killing someone and another one and another where Max with the help of her mom and the rest survivor campers needed to make a good plan how to eradicates Billy Murphy on this Horror/Comedy movie called The Final Girls. As the music soundtrack seems to be not everything scary or eerie as you might think of as the first scene of blood-splattering happened because the combinations between Electronic, Synthesizers, Dark Wave and Soundtrack Scoring tracks is written and composed brilliantly by Gregory James Jenkins on (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) The Final Girls – starring Malin Akerman, Taissa Farmiga or Adam DeVine; the late plan for making thus unstoppable killings didn’t work well as the one whose being The Final Girls shall manage to finished the mission and sending back Billy Murphy right to his grave. Whose going to be one ? Linked the restless or the old eighties retro tracks of instrumentals like Oogling’s A Word Right ?, Theatre Fire, The Diaphragm Van or Mimi and The Hunky Hikers to Depressed Dock and Sloooow Mooootion really would rising whether your hair-neck or tremendously, giving you a good laugh about how b-rated movie turning to grade A film-ology which as romantic and freaking creepy as the whispering of "You Would Catch Me Dead in a Horror Movie" - would you ?

Keep watching the surroundings and don’t wait for the next surprise !

The Final Girls: