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Raven Crawl Geena (Abuse Industries 2001)

Formed by Andreas Orel and Mona Moore – the Goth Electro fusions of Alternative sensual edgy Pop senses – Sin would touching down the inner-self of both man and beast conquered by the absolute authenticity on the group’s releasing of thus dark, sexual, romantic and arousing album – Kissing. 

Like an intimate possessions via softer mid-tempo and splintering melodies through seductive female vocals and semi Trad-Folk sounds as synth and sample experiments collaborates to comforts the track-listed songs of temporary and permanent act of loving in kindness or hatred within the Down-tempo products recaptured on The Game of Despise, Erasure, Kim Fowley’s Gonna Die and Doubts highlighted for your new glamour and artificially hot and cold in between the intense and the danger as Sin … 

Kissing Album: